Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Dating etiquette article in FEMINA

All through my 8 years as an Image Consultant, I have been approached by eligible young men and women who were apprehensive and confused about their first meeting with a prospective other. There was a pretty young lady who wore a long tee and tights  (which looked more like a night dress or gym clothing) on every date. And her family kept wondering why there was no positive response from the guys. So I advised her to dress in smart casual clothing, corrected her posture, and taught her the nuances of small talk. She is happily married now and her elegance and poise is much appreciated by her family.
Then there was this young man from a very affluent family who would always order for the food without consulting the lady because he was so used to making decisions. Well, I made him realize his faux pas, taught him the art of being subtle and considerate yet assertive and he is enjoying a great family life now.

Here are some tips when going on a date;

  • Be on time
  • Choose a venue according to your budget and proximity to both
  • Dress in smart casuals or semi formals
  • Be considerate and emphatic
  • Smile often
  • Talk about interesting topics
  • Don't tag a friend along
  • Eat less

If you have someone who needs some polishing do contact us.