Monday, 10 October 2016

Second marriage etiquette

Second weddings today are no longer a social stigma and are celebrated as elaborately as first marriages. Of course , there are differing views and many people tend to be skeptical about having a celebration.
Invites should not include the family name of the previous partner as this may not go down well with the new family.

It is advisable to not invite your previous spouse because it can create an uncomfortable situation and cause memories to flood back.
But it is perfectly fine to  invite family members from the first marriage if you share a good rapport with them. Just take care to have a casual chat with them prior to your celebrations so you are aware of their views and feeling about your second marriage. You don't want them to cause a scene on D-day.

Children from the first marriage (if they're staying with you and if they have happily accepted your new spouse) can definitely be involved in the planning and execution of the wedding . The more the involvement the closer the bonding.

Since the first marriage is over and you have bid adieu to that phase of your life, your wedding card need not mention second marriage.
Dress in your best but make sure it is age appropriate and elegant.
Don't relive old memories and talk about  your previous wedding event and compare it with the second one.
Behaving like a shy,coy bride would be absolutely inconsistent with your new role.
Be a parent and mentor to your spouse's children to win their love and respect.
Be patient and kind, be a good listener and give time to people to accept you.
Don't criticize or bad mouth your previous family, avoid talking about
your past.
Accept people as they are ,do not try to change them.
Work towards creating lasting relationships and a beautiful life .