Friday, 11 September 2015

Chinos for the Indian man

Chinos are trousers made from chino cloth which is a twill fabric made from 100% cotton. 
Nowadays , chinos are also made from cotton synthetic blends , wrinkle free fabric. That makes them so wearable at the workplace.
Chinos were first made in the mid 19th century for the British and French military uniforms . The original khaki (light brown) is the traditional and most popular colour, but chinos are now available in many shades.
Straight leg , flat front chinos , are suitable for the workplace. Wear pleated chinos if you are too thin.

Avoid tapered chinos if you have a broad hips and a paunch. Wear comfort fit chinos which sit on your waist to conceal a paunch.

Black , grey , brown, khaki, navy are the preferred colours for office wear. To appear taller wear a light coloured shirt with a trouser in a darker shade of the same colour family.
Wear a smart blazer paired with chinos and you are ready for a coporate meeting.
Cropped chinos are trending now but avoid if you are short. Cropped chinos look great with well fitted tees , polo necks, sweatshirts, linen shirts.
Chinos are lightweight and ideal while travelling. It's easier to wash and dry a pair of chinos as opposed to a pair of jeans. 
Chinos are very versatile and can be worn by businessmen, working professionals, students and men of all ages.
Chinos are available at all leading brands stores at an affordable price. Coming up next is my blog on which shoes to wear with chinos.
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